About Us

The history of Adult Swim Headquarters begins with the creation of Adult Swim Unleashed in December of 2003. The website focused mainly on promos and intros for Adult Swim shows. Shortly after its creation the website Adult Swim and Beyond was created in order to also supply information about the Adult Swim shows. In mid 2004 the two sites merged to create a more robust Adult Swim Unleashed. However, the bandwidth forced Adult Swim Unleashed to give its media to ASF and Adult Swim Unleashed changed its focus to information and news, and changed its name to Adult Swim Headquarters. The website remained independent through 2005 and much of 2006 until it merged with the ToonZone Network. Today it still provides up-to-date news and in depth information for the Adult Swim fanbase.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: What is Adult Swim?
A: Adult Swim is a block of shows on Cartoon Network aimed towards Adults over the age of 18. For more information go to the official website at Adultswim.com.

Q: Where can I get Adult Swim Promos and Intros?
A: All the Adult Swim promos and Intros you need are available over at ASF, many of those were on Adult Swim Unleashed a couple of years back.

Q: Can you bring [place show here] back!?!
A: We are not the official Adult Swim website, for that check Adultswim.com, but even if you contact them, they probably won't bring the show back anyway.

Q: Where can I find more frequently asked questions and information? A: Right Over Here